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10:00AM - 11:00AM

Featured Speakers
Karen Weigert
Garry Cooper, PhD
Dr. Lee Bitsoi
Emily Graslie
Science Essay Contest Winner!

11:00AM - 12:00PM
March from Rally point to Museum Campus.
Enter at Congress Pkwy.
Please follow approved route to reduce bottlenecks and security risks.

12:00PM - 3:00PM
Take your next step in supporting science in Chicago at the March.
View a list of our exhibitors here.

Expo Map

Fundraising progress


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Rally Location
  • Stage: On S. Columbus Dr., South of E. Jackson Dr., facing south.
  • Entrance: E. Congress Pkwy, from Michigan Avenue.
  • There will be NO access to S. Columbus Dr. from E. Jackson Dr.
  • There will be an accessible viewing area located directly in front of the stage with ASL interpreters, closed captioning, and chairs. Space is limited.
  • For additional Accessibility information, please visit this page.

Expo Location
  • Museum Campus in the taxi loop on McFetridge Dr.
  • The Expo will also include a family and accessibility area separated from the crowd with a limited number of chairs if you need to take a rest or get a way from the action.
  • Click here for more visitor info.

March Route, from Rally to Expo
  • Start in front of the Rally Stage, on Columbus Drive just south of E. Jackson Dr., then march south down Columbus Drive to the Museum Campus and our Expo, to take the next step in supporting Chicago science.

Entrance to March and Programming
  • For safety purposes, all attendees must enter S. Columbus Dr. through the Congress Pkwy entrance off of Michigan Avenue. Columbus Dr. will be closed off at E. Jackson Dr. for pedestrian access.
  • For accessibility information, please visit this page with additional details.

Exit from March and Programming
  • Attendees may exit the march off Roosevelt Road, open pedestrian pathways at Grant Park, and Museum Campus, and the Lakefront Path.

Transportation and Parking

At March for Science Chicago, we promote the utilization of public transportation whenever possible. Please visit the CTA and Metra sites below for more information.

  • Vehicular dropoff will be at the horseshoe at Congress Pkwy and Michigan Ave. However, we highly recommend taking public transportation as this area will be very congested.
  • CTA Visitor information
  • CTA Accessibility information
  • CTA How-to guides on getting around, buying fare cards, and riding the bus and train
  • Metra Rail
  • For ride sharing services like Uber or Lyft, please direct them to the horseshoe at Congress Pkwy and Michigan Ave. Use the address 500 E Congress Plaza Dr., Chicago, IL
  • Because of the many events taking place in downtown Chicago, parking near the march or the expo will be extremely limited. The American Cancer Society is also hosting an event near Soldier Field and will be occupying the Soldier Field parking lot. The March for Science Chicago requests that no participants utilize the parking at Soldier Field. There are parking lots throughout the city and the most affordable and convenient options, if driving is necessary, may be to park at one of the lots in the loop or around the city and walk to the march.

Road Closures

The only streets officially closed for the march are Columbus Dr. between Jackson and Balbo and between Balbo and Roosevelt. Congress Pkwy. will be closed between the Congress Plaza horseshoe and Columbus Dr. Please note that Jackson, Balbo and Roosevelt are all scheduled to remain open.

Medical Services

There will be three medical tents available during the rally, march and expo. One medical tent is available north of Congress Pkwy in North President’s Court near the admin table. Another medical tent is available south of Congress Pkway in South President’s Court. All volunteers and marshals will know the location of the medical tents and can direct anyone in need of assistance to those areas. In addition, a third medical tent will be located at the end of the expo area on McFetridge Dr. In addition, we are contracting for EMT services onsite, and working with the Chicago Fire Department for city provided services.


Please check out our FAQ page for answers to as many questions we could think of.

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Music Credits

MFS Chicago would like to thank the following artists for permitting the use of their music at the rally:

In the meantime, if you have any questions about accessibility, programming, the expo, about family areas, logistics, or anything else, please submit your question to [email protected]!