Accessibility Details

We are working hard to make the March for Science Chicago event as accessible as possible to as many populations as possible including those with disabilities.

All rally accommodations will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations can be accepted. We anticipate at least 50,000 people gathering at the rally – crowds and lines are very likely. Please note that these services apply to the rally only and NOT for the march or expo portion of the event. This is an outdoor event, subject to the elements. All attendees will be exposed to the weather; please dress appropriately!

Accessible Viewing Area

Attendees with disabilities and their companions are invited to participate in the the Rally designated Accessible Viewing Area in front of the stage. Note that availability of the Accessible Viewing Areas and accessibility equipment is first-come, first-served and cannot be reserved in advance. The accessible viewing area is wheelchair accessible.

The entrance for the accessible viewing area is from the sidewalk at the intersection of Columbus Dr and Jackson Dr. Please note that this is not a vehicular drop-off point. All vehicles dropping off attendees to the march should do so at the horseshoe on Congress Pkwy. The accessible viewing area may also be accessed directly from Columbus Dr on the west side of the street. The stage and accessible viewing area are located on the street of Columbus Dr, on a level surface.

The area will have an ASL interpreter on stage providing translations. Open captioning will also be available within the accessible viewing area as well. Chairs and accessible portapotties will also be stationed within and near the accessible viewing area.

To accommodate as many people with disabilities as possible in this area, please try to limit the number of companions who will not be using accessible services. The accessibility viewing area will also be staffed with its own set of volunteers. Please look for the volunteers if you have any questions or needs.

Expo Family & Accessible Rest Area

The Expo area on McFetridge Dr will have a family area with chairs for tired parents and kids or people with disabilities who need to get a break from the crowds.

Medical Services

There will be three medical tents available during the rally, march and expo. One medical tent is available north of Congress Pkwy in North President’s Court near the admin table. Another medical tent is available south of Congress Pkwy. in South President’s Court. All volunteers and marshals will know the location of the medical tents and can direct anyone in need of assistance to those areas. In addition, a third medical tent will be located at the end of the expo area on McFetridge Dr. In addition, we are contracting for EMT services onsite, and working with the Chicago Fire Department for city provided services.