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March for Science Chicago


April 22, 2017

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Current Stats

  • Check here to see our fundraising updates including how we’re using the funds we raise.
  • Forcasted Attendance as of March 27th: Approx. 40,000
  • Volunteers as of March 27th: Approx. 600

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Email [email protected] to schedule an interview with one of our organizers, a scientist or volunteer or with other press requests.

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Meet the organizers

Kristian Aloma, Director of the March for Science Chicago, can’t stop smiling. This may be why so many people feel at ease around him. Kristian was drawn to Chicago by an undergraduate degree at Northwestern University and 15 years later considers himself a true Chicagoan. During that time, he has honed his expertise in branding and consumer emotion while also working to complete his doctoral dissertation in Narrative Psychology. Kristian was inspired to organize the March for Science Chicago because he believes science needs guardians and without them science, and our way of understanding the world, will be at risk. Kristian thinks Picasso only got it half right when he said that every child is an artist. With two young children of his own, Kristian has seen first hand that every child is also a scientist. At home with his wife and kids, Kristian is figuring out parenthood just as slowly as he’s figuring out adulthood. But he knows one thing for sure, it all makes for a pretty good story.

There aren’t many engineers that become marketers but there aren’t many people who compare to Adam Arcus, Director of the March for Science Chicago. Adam’s engineering precision leads to organizational perfection. It also helps he has a natural talent for visual storytelling. He sees nearly every detail of the beautiful chaos of organizing a volunteer-driven movement. Adam was inspired to organize the March for Science Chicago by his love for science, his sense of justice, and his desire to see Chicago recognized for the science city it is. He believes “a scientific heart beats in the chest of the city of broad shoulders.” At home, Adam loves good coffee, high quality scotch, his playful chocolate lab and his perfect wife. He hates business socks.