Our Mission

A More Human Science

The March for Science Chicago aims to shorten the distance between science and society. We are a nonpartisan, diverse group of volunteers that come together to support the scientific community; safeguard the value and funding of a scientific approach to important, meaningful questions; celebrate the role and potential of science in our lives; and encourage a scientific curiosity in government, labs, classrooms and homes. We are Chicagoans who believe science beats at the heart of the city with broad shoulders.

Our march is inspired by threats to the validity of scientific data, to the role of scientific organizations in policy making, and to the spirit of science as a means to learn about our world. We join those who have called attention to the troubling trend of disconnect between public policy and valid scientific methods. We amplify the call for a closer and more representative relationship between the scientific community and the public it serves.

As part of of the global March for Science movement, we ascribe to its mission and principles. As an organization that cares deeply about Chicago, and the Midwest, we set our own.