Our Goals

A Better Science

We march to promote Chicago as The Science City through the following goals:

  • Independent, ethical and open scientific inquiry:
    Scientific research has the ability to benefit our everyday lives, communities, and world. We unite diverse voices in support of independent, ethical and open scientific inquiry and communication, free from partisan-politicking.

  • Encourage the diversity of Chicago‚Äôs local science culture:
    A strong regional community of science supporters of all ages, creeds, backgrounds, abilities, sexualities, and genders exists in Chicago. We join them in solidarity for fair distribution of, and open access to, the benefits of scientific endeavors. We also provide connections to our network of researchers, professionals, citizen scientists, innovators, community leaders, students, educators, and curious individuals.

  • Cultivate civic engagement in science:
    Building on our motivated, diverse network, The March pursues strong and sustained civic engagement opportunities, integrating science and scientists into the public perception, and conversation, of our world and its policies.

  • Support excellence in education:
    Education, learning, and the spirit of curiosity in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) are imperative for students from all areas of the city. We will do our part to foster strong communication and advocacy for the schools and universities in Chicago.

  • A better narrative in science communication:
    A better science tells a better narrative. We aim to utilize our unique digital presence to advance the way science is communicated by finding the intersections of science, policy, art, and the communities they affect.