March For Science Chicago

Fundraising Accountability.

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What is this for?

The March For Science Chicago is expected to be an unprecedented event. This is a grass roots, all-volunteer movement, but the costs associated with an event like this are immense.

Eighty-five thousand dollars is a lot of money, and in the spirit of transparency, we are creating this page to show you where that money is going.

We will be updating this page to reflect the expenses and funds raised by March For Science Chicago as we move closer to the day of the march.

Thank you for your support!

Did you know that...

  • Our Facebook event currently has 40,000 RSVP's. A crowd that size requires 165 toilets. 165 portable toilets will cost $10,875
  • The City of Chicago requires fencing be in place to protect our public green spaces. Fencing for the event is expected to cost $10,180
  • The City is also requiring $5,000 in additional costs.
  • Security for the event is expected to cost $16,500
  • On site medical staff for emergencies will cost approx. $1,320
  • Insurance required for staging such an event costs $18,962
  • Tables, Chairs, and Tents for the Expo area will cost $5,900
  • One of our requirements is for this march to have zero environmental impact on the lakefront area. The cost of waste removal and recycling collection will be $900
  • Our costs for AV equipment, the Rally stage, as well as other supplies are $8909

So, in total that's approximately $78,546!